Subdivisions and strata developments are popular avenues for property development. At Summit, we have helped numerous WA families and individuals to become successful property developers.

If you’re starting out in property investment, you might be wondering ‘what is subdivision of property?’

The subdivision of property allows you to add additional properties to a block that may previously have only held one residence. Changes in R-Codes can unlock the potential of a block by allowing a greater density of housing via a strata subdivision.

Before you subdivide it’s important to ask the right questions. For example do people really want to live in this area? And what sort of housing are they looking for?

One option when starting out is to subdivide where you already live, which is likely in an established area that will prove enticing to future tenants.

Summit has many clever designs suited to backyard subdivisions – allowing you to rent out or live in the newly built home plus you’ll no longer have to look after a large backyard!

Is your block suitable for a strata subdivision?

Whether you are seeking a backyard subdivision or are looking for a new block to subdivide, knowing what’s possible is vital. At Summit, our Development Consultants can advise on local council zoning and can help you determine what’s feasible for your future strata development.

Engaging Perth home builders early on in the process is key to maximising your development. For example, something as simple as a sewage connection may have added complications that could prove costly down the track, so get the right people around you from day one.

What ways can you subdivide your land?

At Summit, our strata builders can custom design and deliver a tailored development for your block, whether it be a rear strata, duplex development, triplex development, narrow lot townhouses, grouped housing or multi units and apartments.

Which type of development you can build on your block will be determined by the R-Codes. For example, generally in the City of Joondalup, an R20 zoning means that approximately 450sqm is required per strata home. R25 requires 350sqm per strata home, R30 requires 300sqm or so per strata home and so on.

In areas that allow quite high-density housing, just 180sqm can be required per strata home (R60). Note that R-Codes come with certain conditions so speak to our Development Consultants about what may apply for your block.

A wealth of knowledge and experience

One of the best property development tips you can receive is to seek out experienced strata builder to be your partner every step of the way. To start your property development journey, call our strata development team at Summit to request your obligation free development consultation!