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Bring Scandi to your home with these stylish trends

Posted 9 April 2019

One of the most popular home design styling trends at the moment is Scandinavian or Scandi style and it’s easy to see why it is so loved by Perth homeowners.

It is a laidback style to live in, and here in Perth it is a big trend that has flooded the market.

People have seen it everywhere, so they are not afraid to implement it and it is a comfortable style to achieve.

According to The Style Studio by Summit, Scandi Style all comes down to taking inspiration as to how the Danish live.

It follows a very simple design where everything is curated. Interiors feature no high contrast and nothing should be too bold.

Walls should be white in a Scandi style kitchen but add other elements, such as wallpaper, to create a texture.

White floorboards or white wallpapers give you a palette to work with against other timbers in the space.

But to be in keeping with Scandi Style, the main timber used must be an oak. Oak plays a big part in creating a Scandi Style.

This can be via cabinetry colours, furniture or even picture frames. You could even finish one set of kitchen drawers in an oak to create a striking point of difference.

Remember everything must be white, offset with a little oak.

Some people make the mistake of overdoing the oak via pendants, cabinets, bar stools, and flooring but this can kill the vibe of Scandi living.

The use of concrete must be in a white – it needs to be more pure, not grey.

Using too much concrete gives a more urban or industrial element.

You can use concrete to interact with the white kitchen but it has to be cleverly used throughout the space.


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