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Renovation vs Demolition – what is the right option for you?

Posted 7 August 2019

Out with the old or in with the new?

It is a common dilemma faced by home owners when wanting to overhaul and modernise their abode.

Knocking down your existing residence and starting from scratch can in some circumstances seem like the easier option, while sometimes renovating and working with the home you already have can be a better solution.

Engaging the expertise of an experience renovation designer is the key to helping you solve this dilemma.

Generally speaking, if you are keeping a large portion of the existing property and adding to your home, a renovation is the better option.

Other things to consider include budget.

How much you have to spend will determine whether a renovation or a demolition for a new build is more practical.

Make sure you do your sums and speak to an expert about a full plan to ensure you have enough money to cover the entire project and to weigh up the costs.

The age and state of your current home must be considered. As well as the amount of time you are prepared to wait for your new home or addition to be complete.

A complete knock down and rebuild will have you waiting longer and in need of another place to live while the work is completed, while quite often a renovation still enables you to live in the home while the job is being carried out.

It is also important to check with your local council about what is permitted in terms of additions and demolitions.

Thank you to Summit Renovations Designer, Ashley Tunley for your tips for this blog.


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