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What to include in your Granny flat design

Posted 3 November 2019

Today’s granny flats are luxury abodes compared to the Granny Flats of old, designed to include all the comforts of a larger home.

Choosing the right features is simple with our top five tips for a well designed granny flat:

Living spaces
The modern granny flat design prioritises living spaces. This is easily achieved with an open-plan design that maximises entertaining areas with an integrated kitchen and dining space. When placed alongside an alfresco area, these integrated living spaces are ideal for hosting guests in any kind of weather. 

Summit offers more than 20 granny flat floorplans to choose from, so there’s something to suit your budget and unique lifestyle requirements

An accessible granny flat is well proportioned and easy to move around in. Consider wide doorways and hallways to accommodate any current or future need for wheelchairs and walkers. Try to avoid tripping hazards by eliminating any exterior steps into the flat and those inside, including small steps around the shower recess.

Low maintenance
A low maintenance granny flat design lets you focus on your lifestyle. Unlike a larger home, there’s less to gardening to attend to and fewer repairs to worry about.

By choosing low maintenance features, your granny flat also becomes can easily be locked up when you leave on holiday. Select easy to clean flooring, durable fixtures and fittings and self-care gardens.

Extra room
A granny flat floorplan comprising two bedrooms and one-bathroom is most common choice at Summit. Even if there is only one resident living at the granny flat, an extra bedroom is always handy for guests and it can also double as a study or sewing room.

Smart orientation
A modern granny flat design makes the most of natural resources by choosing an orientation that makes the most of the sun’s light and warmth. Summit’s design consultants can advise you on how to place your home on an east-west axis and with daytime living areas facing the north.

Ready to start your granny flat design journey? Call the team at Summit Granny Flats today on (08) 9317 0141.


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