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Can't find anything you like? Shake it up with our customisable designs

Can’t find something you love? Let’s shake it up.

We understand that sometimes you can scroll through home designs and struggle to find one you love for your lifestyle.

So, we’ve taken our most popular design, The Casa, and we’ve given it a shake in no less than SIX DIFFERENT WAYS, to accommodate different lifestyle choices and spaces which make the design look a little more like home.

You can browse these options below and click on the edition you prefer to peruse the floorplan in closer detail.

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Casa Floorplan Variations

Toggle between our floorplans, designed to suit your lifestyle.
Entertainers Pro
5 Bed
Workshop Pro


For those seeking a more refined living experience, the Casa option transforms the standard floor plan into a sophisticated haven.

This edition introduces a dedicated study, providing a quiet space for work or reflection. Additionally, the inclusion of a well-appointed theatre invites residents to indulge in cinematic escapes within the comfort of their own home.

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Perhaps when it comes to your teen’s studio, you’re looking for more of a transition space from living under your roof to living under their own.

The Teen Studio edition makes a little more space available so that the young adult in question can really visualise their independence and make the most of this stepping stone.

The Teen Studio edition is also an excellent guest house addition.

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Entertainers Pro

Designed for hosts and enthusiasts, the Entertainers Pro features a wine cellar for curated collections, a stylish bar for socialising and a workshop for creative pursuits.

This blend of luxury and practicality makes it an ideal choice for those who love entertaining and showcasing their passions in style.

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5 Bed

Switch your study to a fifth bedroom and make space for family and friends staying over in your brand-new home.

A fifth bedroom means a lot more flexibility with the kids’ friends staying over as well as having grandchildren spend the night with their grandparents.

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If you’re looking for some serious storage solutions without compromising your garden views with a big shed, welcome to the workshop edition.

Converting the original floorplan which showcased a study to a space that allows for a workshop, this plan now lends itself well for heavy duty storage in a space that isn’t an eye-sore.

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Workshop Pro

If the first workshop edition just wasn’t enough space for you, we’ve put together the Workshop Pro Edition.

This version of the Casa not only has an additional store but also a triple garage for maximum space.

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Built around people

At Summit, we’re built around people, which means our clients, team and suppliers are at the core everything we do. We consider it a privilege to be part of your building journey, and so we want to document our partnership together.

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