Subdivision: A client journey

A Perth mum & dad's guide to building their dream home through subdivision.
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How to subdivide and create wealth

Paul and Nicola had dreams of building a beautiful home for their young family, in a location close to the beach and their childrens’ schools.

They knew they had to do something bold – and this is when they came to the decision to look into subdivision as a path to finance the build of their new family home.

Summit were able to guide Paul and Nicola through the subdivision and demolition process, as well as design and build two beautiful homes.

Read their story as told by them below.

Finding our block

We started our subdivision journey by searching for a block that ticked all the boxes, including;

  • Location: a block in a highly desirable area close to the beach, shops and schools;
  • Size: a block big enough to be able to subdivide it into two;
  • R-Codes: a block that was coded correctly to be able undertake a subdivision.

This is when we came across a 690sqm block in Kallaroo which had an old rundown home on it. The lady that owned it said she wanted to sell her home to us, the young family rather than the other bidders who were developers.

It was amazing – it still gives me goosebumps that she gave us that chance because without her, all of this probably wouldn’t have happened.

Choosing a subdivision partner

We knew we had to partner with somebody that understood our budget and our overall strategy. Our first interaction was with Ewan at Summit Developments. We were complete rookies at the time so for us, having someone to educate us was really important.

Not only were we happy with the knowledge and advice of Summit, but we found that Summit were competitively priced and we were happy with the product, which made us feel really confident in our decision.

When we first decided we wanted to subdivide, we thought, how hard could it be? We soon found out there was a lot more involved than we thought, but this is where Summit helped us through every step of the way.

It was great to have a partner that was really clear and hold our hands through the process.

The subdivision process

It was on Valentine’s Day when we finally got the approval to get the Green Title subdivision and from the West Australian Planning Commission.

It was time to go and find a rental and finally get the demolition happening, which was just incredible because it had been 18 months in the making.

When we got to bulldoze the house, everyone in the street came to watch it – it was very exciting.

After the demolition we ended up with two green title lots side by side. Our vision was to always have two blocks, each with their own street frontage, we didn’t want a battleaxe block.

The subdivision results


Our Investment Property
Our Family Home

When it came to the build, the most important thing for us was that we wanted to build two beautiful homes.

Kallaroo has undergone recent re-zoning and there are a few new developments around – many attempting to squeeze as much as allowable. We wanted quality and not quantity.The first build, a 3×2 house, had to be able to help fund the dream of building our family home.

When we were halfway through the construction stage someone approached us with an offer for the house. It was a reward for choosing a block in the right area and having the right builder. The house sold itself, so to speak.

When the sale went through for the first house, it gave us the opportunity to start the design process of our family home. That’s when we worked with Ewan again on a design that was going to work for our family.

We ended up with a stunning two storey, four bedroom, two bathroom home. I have to pinch myself that we’re finally here.

It’s been a journey that’s come with its challenges but it’s been totally worth it. We’re very happy to have gone through it all with the help of Summit.

We’re at the finish line and it feels good to be able to give the kids a beautiful family home.

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