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Discover the Hazel—a faultless design that optimises living space. Embracing a seamless integration of an open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area, this space invites connectivity and flow into daily life.

The home has great storage solutions, including a built-in robe in the main bed; next to the robe is a space that could be ideal for a study or work-from-home station. The Hazel benefits from built-in seating, which offers not just comfort but a balance of functionality and space maximisation. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom home effortlessly checks all the boxes, offering a blend of practicality and style.

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Please note elevation images are for illustrative purposes only and are not necessarily what your individual end design might reflect.

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Total Area43.16m2
Base Price$199,000


  • Built-in Pantry
  • Built-in Robes
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Linen Cupboard
  • Open Plan Living
  • Window seat

    Frequently asked questions

    How do we arrange delivery?

    Summit delivery and installation for Perth Metro & Southwest only. If your land is within the Perth metro area or South West region, we can offer a supply & installation.

    The cost of supply and installation can be provided once your property address and house design and placement is confirmed and the route is assessed.

    These costs vary based on the site, location, size and weight of the modular home.

    Summit will coordinate all certifications and permits required for your build. This includes site survey, energy efficiency, engineering, and building license.

    Additional costs will apply for a Development Application (DA) or health approval for septic system.

    If I live outside of WA can I still buy a Tiny Home?

    Tiny Homes by Summit is only available for blocks of land located in Perth Metro & Southwest.

    Can you tell me more about council information?

    It is best to have a chat with council or a building certifier about what needs to be done to build a home in your area. Below are a number of things to consider when going through this process:

    Route analysis: We recommend that you confirm that a modular Tiny Home can be delivered to your address. Most transport companies can complete a route analysis for a small fee. This will provide you confident that the home can be delivered to your site & will assist with understanding your costs.

    Site Survey & site plan: This is plotting the home on your site with the setbacks council require.

    Soil test: A local Geotech firm can complete a soil test for you. This will determine the type of ground and footing detail required.

    Wind rating: You need to check the wind speed for your site. If your council cannot provide this information a local Geotech firm may be able to assist. Our Tiny homes are designed up to N3 wind rating.

    Bushfire attack level assessment: Once your home is plotted on the land, you will need a Bushfire assessment to determine if any upgrades are required. If upgrades are required, you will need to notify your Summit point of contact to include in your contract.

    Energy rating: We have consulted with LBS (Energy Certifier) during the design stages of our Tiny Homes. Once your home has been plotted on your site you will require an Energy Certification for council approval. This will be required to obtain a building permit.

    Services: Speak to your local council about what services and requirements are specific to your local area. Specifics to consider, is there a connection to mains sewer and water or will you require septics and a water tank. Septics will require a separate health application to council before our building permit will be issued.

    · Building permit: Once the above has been completed, a Building License application can be submitted to your local council for assessment.

    Alternatively, if you are looking for assistance with the above, you may contact the below organisations who can assist these works at an additional cost.

    • Energy Certification – LBS
    • Engineers Certification – Prompt Engineering
    • Developed Planners/Surveyors

    Can you provide an install checklist?

    Yes, please see below checklist on what you will need to consider for owner installation.

    Once you have signed your contract, provided finance approval and confirmation of BAL requirements, we can schedule construction to start in our production yard. A completion date will be provided to you, of which you will need to arrange your transport company to collect from our yard within 1 week of the completion date.

    • Site preparation ahead of the delivery date including demolition, cutting or filling of the site.
    • Installation of footings
    • Transport & crane if required.
    • Water, Power & Gas (if applicable) available to the site
    • Trades to complete the service connections required.
    • Septic system is required.

    How do I finance a Tiny Home?

    To get started working on your Tiny Home project, we require a non-refundable PPA fee of $3,000 to be paid. Upon receipt of the fee, we will request a route analysis for transport to ensure the Tiny Home can reach your site followed by a BAL assessment & site survey.

    Although progress payments are not available on a modular home, you are still able to obtain finance for your modular home from a bank.

    Prior to construction commencing, you will need to provide a letter from your bank confirming that your finance has been approved. At commencement of construction a 6.5% (- PPA fee) deposit is required. The remainder of the contract amount will be invoiced upon delivery of your modular home to site.

    What extra costs do I need to budget for?

    • Bushfire upgrades: We have upgrade options available to build up to BAL 29. The costs for noted on our price list.
    • Site preparation & access: It is your responsibility to clear any trees and prepare the site for footings and house delivery for all weather access. A clear access path is required for the trucks to deliver your home.
    • Services to your new home: It is your responsibility to bring services to the new home by engaging with a qualified electrician & plumber to provide connections to the location of your new home. Your home will be constructed in our production yard fully wired and plumbed ready for connection on site. Depending on council services in your area, you may be required to install a septic system and submit the relevant health application with your local council.
    • Crane hire: Some sites due to access restrictions may require a crane for installation. Depending on your location, a crane may need to travel a long distance and can add to the cost.
    • Landscaping and driveways: Allow budget to completed landscaping, fencing and driveways if required.
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