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What is a multi-generational home?

Multi-generational living is a lifestyle where multiple generations of a family reside together in a single household. It’s characterised by the coexistence of grandparents, parents, and children under one roof, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility.

Recommended features of a multi-generational home floor plan.

  • Separate living areas
    • Designing distinct living spaces allows each generation to have their own private area for relaxation and leisure.
  • Separate kitchens
    • If space permits, having separate kitchens or designated cooking areas can enhance privacy and autonomy within the household.
  • Multiple master bedrooms
    • Multiple master bedrooms cater to the different needs and preferences of each generation, offering individualised comfort.
  • Ensuites for all bedrooms and/or main bedrooms
    • Ensuites for each bedroom or, at the very least, the main bedrooms provide added convenience and privacy.
  • Multiple bathrooms throughout the house
    • Having multiple bathrooms throughout the house ensures that each generation has access to its own facilities, reducing congestion during peak times.
  • Study and/or office spaces
    • Dedicated study or office spaces cater to the diverse work and study needs of each family member, promoting productivity and concentration.


Multigenerational home floorplan design


Mahogany multigenerational home designMahogany

Explore the Mahogany, a generous floorplan boasting a 17-metre frontage, featuring five bedrooms and three bathrooms. This design emphasises smart zoning to guarantee every occupant enjoys their own personalised space.


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Juniper multigenerational home design


The Juniper, with its five bedrooms and three bathrooms, has deliberate zoning to encompass distinct and self-contained living spaces. This incorporates a designated retreat area, furnished with a kitchenette, lounge, and a private bathroom.

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Hickory multigenerational home design


The Hickory

The Hickory, with six bedrooms and three bathrooms, has been intricately planned to offer individual and self-sufficient living areas. It includes a distinct two-bedroom retreat complete with a kitchenette, lounge, walk-in laundry, and a separate bathroom.

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Discover our diverse selection of innovative designs tailored to accommodate different family dynamics. At Summit Homes, our team is ready to collaborate with you in crafting a floorplan that precisely meets the unique requirements of your multi-generational living situation.

Multi-generational designs

Benefits of building a multi-generational home with Supun

Filmed at our El Mar display home in Madora Bay, Supun discusses key features of a multi-generational design, how you can customise it and why they are rapidly becoming popular designs.

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