Proper homes made small

Summit Modular has taken the concept of Tiny Homes to a whole new level. These aren’t little cabins on wheels – these are proper homes made small, built with all the quality materials and features today’s homebuyers want, but made to be fully transportable.

Constructed in our local Myaree, WA factory and delivered to the site, the quality materials begin with a frame made from TRUECORE® steel at its core. The owner is getting a home that’s built to last, and one that fully complies with all current applicable building standards. Isabella Carr, Summit Modular’s Operations Manager, highlights what this means for buyers:

“Many of the Tiny Homes on wheels in the market don’t meet building regulations to be used as a primary residence. Summit’s Tiny Homes have been designed so you can use them as holiday accommodation but also for long-term accommodation so someone can have that as their primary residence. We are leveraging our experience gained delivering high-quality residential homes and applying it to modular construction.”

Having TRUECORE® steel in the walls and roof helps give the strength to make the final structure fully transportable, plus there are the added long-term benefits of steel frames being non-combustible and termite-proof. New bushfire regulations that came in 5 years ago make steel frames a wise choice. “New bushfire regulations that came in 5 years ago makes steel frame a wise choice to reduce the chances of a house catching fire or adding fuel to the fire.” explains Isabella. There are also the fundamental design benefits, “with the use of steel this allowing flexibility in our designs to maximise use of space”.

Speed plus quality

These Tiny Homes by Summit have all the features of a normal house, with a full kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, but present a much more cost-effective alternative. Some of that comes from how they’re made – being constructed in a factory and then delivered to site gives full quality control at every moment, plus there are big savings from not having to send trades to different locations. Isabella says that using TRUECORE® steel on these Tiny Homes maximises the speed of construction – building in the factory allows them to have more control over their trades and safe construction practices, which is a high priority for Summit.

Lower waste

As well as finding ways to reduce their overall construction times, Summit is also lowering the amount of waste produced in construction with sustainable construction practices – some of that is a direct result of using made-to-measure, “accurate” frames made from TRUECORE® steel.

Added to that, the modular designs make use of efficiencies in construction by using the same kitchen and bathroom designs in the core range. This optimised layout being repeated in multiple designs also reduces waste. “We know our quantities very well. Building that same design over and over again for the kitchen or bathroom reduces our wastage” says Isabella. The homes themselves are designed to minimise environmental impact and be as energy efficient as possible.

Much needed

On another positive note, Tiny Homes by Summit Modular could also end up providing a revolutionary solution for the growing housing crisis. A perfect storm of the pandemic, natural disasters (both fire and flood), skyrocketing interest rates, and a nationwide rental crisis has seen homelessness at record levels. According to Summit, in WA alone, there has been a 39% increase in homelessness from 2017-2022, with more than 3,000 clients per month accessing homelessness services.

These Tiny Homes could be one of the answers, filling a much-needed gap in the market for affordable, high quality temporary accommodation that allow a fast and efficient build and can be quickly delivered to wherever they are needed. Their strength and quality of construction will allow them to keep fulfilling those needs for many years to come.

It’s another great example of how the unique benefits of TRUECORE® steel are making a real impact on home building and construction industry.

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