Development Type: Grouped Dwellings
Zoning: R30
Lot Area: 1368 m2
Housing Type: Four single-storey grouped dwellings

Timing can be everything when it comes to property development, as it was for the owner of this four unit grouped dwelling development in Coogee.

Summit had previously assisted with the design and development approval in 2015, but the project was postponed by the owner due to the market conditions at the time.

Resurrected in 2020 by the owner-developer,  the proposal underwent a new development application resubmission to re-address­­ intervening changes to regulations, whilst also updating the elevations.

However, for the most part, the core attributes of the original development approval were retained.

The development consists of four, three bedroom, two bathroom homes, all with double garages, accessed by a central common driveway.

The flat and fully retained development site had remained vacant in the established neighbourhood, with its elevated position helping to deliver a strong streetscape presence to this unit development.

Summit Developments, with decades of collective experience in the design and construction of medium-density grouped dwellings,  understands the key role property market conditions play in bringing a grouped dwelling unit development to fruition.

This Coogee development was the second project awarded to Summit by the owner-developer and Summit were once again happy to assist with their ambition to see this land developed.

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