How did you come to the decision to renovate your home and what were some of the issues you were faced with the original home design and style?

Summit actually built our home in 2012 and we have lived in home since construction. It was our first home we ever built in Australia and we could not have been happier.

Have you renovated before? If so, how did this compare to previous times?

We have renovated in UK but never in Australia. The whole concept of building the second storey extension in Summit’s factory, which resulted in minimal disruption to our home living was a particularly attractive option.

What did you want to achieve through the renovation? 

We achieved everything we could of wished for from the renovation.

The design stage was impeccable from Charlie Haddad, he listened to what we were trying to achieve and designed a wonderful layout.

The minute we met with Charlie, we made our mind up to go with Summit with our renovation – we didn’t even look at alternatives.

We wanted to create a space for family members and friends who travel to Australia and tend to spend large amount of times with us in our lovely Australian summer.

The space allows them to have their own space from the rest of house and when we are not having visitors, we will utilise the area for ourselves and enjoy sitting on balcony and watching the sunsets with beautiful sea views we now have.

The renovation looks so impressive and as if the second storey extension has always been there.

How’s was your experience from start to finish with Summit? 

Summit were superb on all levels of interaction we had. Special mention to Charlie for the design, Graham for overseeing the project and to Jason who was our construction supervisor who kept us updated every step of the way.

The planning permission was all taken care of by Summit and we had no issues with anything. Everything went so smoothly which was mainly because of Jason’s excellent communication and always a phone call away if we had any queries.

The whole process was hassle free, no surprises along the way. Everything was accounted for so we could budget for the extension. The Style Studio showroom allowed us to do our prestart all in one building at Summit’s headquarters in Myaree.

To be honest, I (Bryce) was away with work on the day the second storey extension was lifted and craned into place. To see our home go from a single storey to two storey extension in just a day was very impressive.

People drove to work in the morning to come home to see an amazing second storey extension on our home.

I would happily recommend Summit for renovations and have recommended them to a few friends who are considering extending the family homes.

How long has it been since Summit completed your renovation? Overall, how do you feel about your newly renovated home?

The extension was completed about five months ago now and overall, we are extremely happy with everything. The renovation is above our wildest dreams how it turned out and has transformed our home massively.

Everyone comments how natural the extension looks and how well it is matched to the property.


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