Hear from James and Tania about their renovation journey with Summit and how they completely transformed their 22 year old home into a modern home.

How did you come to the decision to renovate your home and what were some of the issues you were faced with the original home design and style?

We decided the house was a little small for what we wanted moving forward as we were about to move in together.

We decided to have a look at building, however we couldn’t find what we liked to accommodate our furniture, my 10ft Christmas tree, a generous pantry, enough space for the Caravan and James’ lifted car, so we researched renovating.

We selected three renovators when we began our research. One never replied, one was very pushy and then there was Deb Pearcey. We just clicked from the first phone call and she loved the idea we were planning a renovation around the Christmas tree!

The house is 24 years old and James has lived here 22 years. The roof tiles needed replacing, the garage needed extending as it wasn’t high enough, the door was rusting and most of the eaves were water damaged.

The pantry was far too small as we both love cooking and none of the bedrooms would fit my king-sized bed or furniture.

The ensuite bathroom was too small and there also wasn’t a lot of cupboard space.

Have you renovated before? If so, how did this compare to previous times?

James had previously renovated parts of the house but we couldn’t keep any of the changes with what we wanted in the new design.

We found the process to be very smooth, we couldn’t fault Summit Renovations at all.

We had the wettest winter, the hottest summer, COVID restrictions and the Christmas break nearing the end and the house took nine months to renovate from start to finish.

All the craftsmen (not tradesmen, as they are craftsmen and highly experienced as what they do), who worked on our home were wonderful. They were always helpful, very friendly and prompt. They also put up with me and my twice a day visits.

I have built four times previously and I would definitely recommend Summit again.

What did you want to achieve through the renovation?

We wanted to make the contested areas more open. There were rooms that were not used and existing spaces not big enough.

We have gone from a 4×2 to a 3×2 but the house looks much bigger.

We added an extension to the living room and garage, we converted the dining room into a scullery, the fourth bedroom into a laundry, the walk-in robe into a shower and the two rear bedrooms, bathroom, hallway, laundry and cupboard into the master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.

Have you gone for a particular style?

We have used our style! It’s not a cliché style or fashion, it is a collection of what we both love. The house now has character and warmth and we have been told it’s homely and cosy but modern and bold.

How’s was your experience from start to finish with Summit?

Deb and Lauren were amazing as was Russell. We would most definitely recommend Summit to friends and family.

How long has it been since Summit completed your renovation? Overall, how do you feel about your newly renovated home?

It’s been six months now since the renovation was complete. We love our forever home, it has exceeded our expectations and we absolutely love being home and coming home.

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Hear from Summit Renovation’s Senior Designer, Deb Pearcey as she takes you through her design decisions and how she envisaged and brought to life, a dream home for her clients.