How did you come to the decision to renovate your home and what were some of the issues you were facing with the original home design and style?

We had decided to downsize from our family home of more than 30 years. Our new home in Bassendean was built in the 80s and needed modernising to make it suitable for a couple moving into retirement.

Homes of that era often have smaller areas and we wanted to open it up while taking advantage of our location and outlook over the river.

Have you renovated before? If so, how did this compare to previous times?

Yes we had renovated our old home at different times, including a major extension with the addition of four bedrooms.

With this renovation, aspects of this renovation had its issues, however we didn’t find them very stressful and worked through them easily.

Significantly, Covid was just emerging but we didn’t have any real holdups and Summit were excellent communicators.

Can you give a bit of insight into the work that was involved with your renovation?

After investigating a number of designs with different builders, we felt Summit understood what we were after. We had a rough idea of what we wanted and Summit were able to perfect it with a contemporary design.

We were after space, modernisation and to take in the lovely view we have.

The kitchen and living spaces were renovated and opened up and we had a second storey extension built and craned in – which is now our large master bedroom, ensuite, sitting room and entry to the staircase and lift.


How’s was your experience from start to finish with Summit?

Summit took our ideas and brought them to life, making suggestions which improved our plans significantly. Our consultant was excellent from design, engineering and interior design right through to the handover which was looked after by the construction team.

We were listened to and solutions were found if needed, some beyond the scope of the build and our questions were always responded to timely.

We have already recommended Summit to our friends and family.

How long has it been since Summit completed your renovation? Overall, how do you feel about your newly renovated home?

We have been in our home for about 18 months now and we haven’t looked back at any stage and ever thought, should we have done something else.

Summit thought ahead and made pragmatic and cost-effective suggestions all the way through the renovation. If we were to build or renovate again, our first and likely only call would be Summit.

Any additional comments?

While we are sure all of the Summit consultants are of similar calibre, we were particularly impressed with Angelo. His friendly, professional and persistent manner meant we avoided mistakes and while at the time, we may have been a little sceptical, Angelo proved to be 100 percent correct in how things worked out.