Tell us a bit about your renovation.

We needed an extension to our existing duplex to provide a master bedroom and ensuite, an outdoor alfresco entertaining area and remodelling of the dining and living area, as well as the laundry.

The extension took the property from a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home to a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home, while modernising the aesthetic and improving the utility.

The challenges included our home being a duplex and, therefore, joining another property. The extension was also at the rear of the home, so access was restricted, and the block was sloping, which resulted in a number of significant logistical requirements.

However, Summit had no problem dealing with any of the above.

What was your experience from start to finish with Summit?

We have been pleased with the process of the build from the start, all the way through to the completion. We appreciate that all of our queries that required attention were either answered or actioned in a timely manner, which made our renovation experience very positive.

Overall, we have been very pleased with the progress of the build. Notably, this has been significantly contributed by the oversight of our site supervisor.

We appreciate the difficulties of our property and acknowledge that significant work was undertaken to prepare the site access and property protection to mitigate interruption.

This was particularly significant as we ran a small business from our home. Thus, we appreciate the efforts to meet our logistical requirements.

During the build, the staff at Summit always presented professionally, courteously and focused, to keep the project on track whilst keeping us informed at all times of the progress.

The Summit staff involved in our job were always quick to provide solutions to any situations that arose, whilst managing the trades to minimise the impact on us.

We’ve even had other trades visit our home since the renovations were complete, and they have commented on the high quality and attention to detail that Summit staff championed.

How long did your renovation take? And how long has it been since it’s been completed?

The renovation took five months, and the work was completed by Summit in January 2019. We then realised we wanted to upgrade the aesthetic of the rest of the house to match the extension, which is now complete.


How do you feel about your new home?

The way we use our home now has changed significantly, and we’ve been very fortunate that during the COVID-19 lockdown, we had the extra space and comfort.

The house feels more spacious and liveable with lots of natural light. We are very pleased with the decision we made to undertake the extension and renovation.

Any additional comments?

Overall, we have been very pleased with the renovation. This has been significantly contributed to our site supervisor, Russell as well as Irina as the project scheduler and Ashley as the designer.

Russell worked with these key Summit team members to deliver a seamless and high-quality project.

Summit’s approach towards their consideration to our neighbours, removal of rubbish and keeping the site cleaned was well managed.

Overall, this has made our renovation experience very positive. We would highly recommend Summit again to friends and family.