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How to make the most of lighting in your new home or renovation

Posted 24 August 2020

Lighting plays an important role in your home’s overall design while creating a warmth, mood and aesthetic appeal.

Thanks to their energy-efficiency and lifespan, LED downlights are a popular choice. Downlights are available in three colour temperatures – warm white, cool white and daylight. Having the option to dim downlights is also a great way to add ambiance.

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Strip lighting discreetly adds a layer of luxury to your home while also being super functional. The LED strip light can be used on your overhead cupboards, under cabinets or above your splashback in the kitchen, under vanities or behind mirrors in the bathroom, in the wardrobe of your master bedroom or in your outdoor area around steps or decking.

Smart lighting controls the lighting throughout your home with hands free voice activation or a touch of a button on your smart device.

Pendant lights are a stylish and practical feature that creates visual impact to a room. Not only can they be used as a statement piece, but they also help distinct zones within a home, especially when it comes to open-plan living.

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You’ll be amazed by the difference the right lighting design and placement can make to the look and feel of your home.

Achieving the ideal balance between the aesthetic and the functional can be very tricky. So why not call in the professionals?

At Summit Homes, we recommend clients work with our partners at Beacon Lighting who can help develop a customised lighting plan for your home.

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Are typical protruding bulbs still popular or is there a growing trend of lights fixed into the ceiling? How are people feeling about chandeliers or industrial-themed choices?

The vintage-style light bulb is still quite popular, as the globes are quite unique and display different forms of light that emit the Thomas Edison style and look.

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What do you need to consider to ensure your lighting choices complement the other features and design elements of a room?

Consider what the function of the room is. Is the room’s primary use designed for the day or night? In a theatre room for example, aim for subtle lighting where you can adjust the brightness with dimmers. And in the kitchen, you need to ensure lighting is going to be bright enough for the purpose it needs.

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Are more and more people in Perth taking the opportunity to have “statement” lighting pieces, or are people more interested in function over impact?

People will always put their needs first, followed by their wants. Adding finishing touches such as a statement lighting piece is what makes a house a home, while adding your own style and personality.

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What is the importance of well-designed lighting to a modern home? Does it contribute to a sophisticated feel?

Well-designed lighting impacts the overall mood and ambience to a home. The actual lighting effect and the light itself, contributes to the look and feel of the home.

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Originally published in The West Australian, New Homes Magazine.

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