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The art of subdividing

If you’ve lived in WA most of your life, you’ll know that subdivided properties are popping up left, right and centre. So why subdivide?

First of all, it can be a great way of maximising the potential returns from your block. By subdividing your block you can either choose to:

  • Hold the lot and sell when the market rises
  • Build on your subdivision
  • Sell the subdivided block to reduce debt on your existing

At Summit, we understand the key to successful rear and front strata developments is having an upfront understanding of the process.

Top tips for subdividing your property

Summit’s team of expert development consultants can assist you with the subdivision process. Here is what your subdivision journey typically looks like.



Establish your zoning

Before you get started on your strata development, you must be sure the block is able to be subdivided. It is important to understand the building codes that are implemented in your location, and your local council will be able to advise you.

If you’re planning a strata subdivision, make sure you know what needs to be satisfied to get the process through council smoothly.

The building code may vary from one side of the street to the other, so don’t assume just because the Jones’s did a strata subdivision that you can too!


Check for factors that could halt a subdivision

There are a lot of issues that can block or hinder your land subdivision, including:

  • Storm water drainage
  • Block size
  • Driveway – would the existing driveway need to be relocated?
  • Zoning
  • Easements (walk-ways or parking spaces)
  • Encumbrances (minimum and maximum dwelling sizes or type of material to be used)
  • Removal of trees (permissions can be required)


Is your block worth subdividing?

From rates and land tax, installing water meters, demolition, surveyors, and titles costs, there are dozens of items to take into account.

It’s important to check, and have a clear idea of how big ticket items such as retaining walls, drainage and engineering requirements will apply to your specific block.


Know your market

Next, you’ll need to know who is likely to purchase or rent your planned strata development. For example, if your building codes allow your block to be subdivided into three lots, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you should do.

If your property is in a more affluent area, your buyers or renters may be after a larger section of land. If you’re likely to have tenants, this may impact your decisions on the fixtures and finishes of the house on your strata development.

Subdivision in Bassendean by Summit Developments


Choose your builder

House behind house developments are a great way to maximise the potential of your block. But to make it a success, you need the right piece of land to subdivide, the right timing and most importantly – the right advice.

Summit has more than $500 million of successful unit developments to its name as specialist house behind house builders. If you’re starting out in property development, download our free guide to backyard investments below.

A beginner’s guide to backyard investments

Get an understanding of what’s involved with backyard investments – rear or front strata, subdividing and how to make the most of your property.


Real life inspiration

The Summit Developments Team share experience in excess of 60 years and have worked on every kind of development project you can think of.

Benefit from their portfolio of work and read case studies of rear strata projects which Summit has undertaken.

Case studies

Case Studies

The Summit Developments Team share experience in excess of 60 years and have worked on every kind of development project you can think of. Benefit from their portfolio of work and read case studies of projects which Summit has undertaken.


Investment dream in Kallaroo

Clients: Nicola and Paul  Development Type: Duplex Zoning: R20 / R40 Lot Area: 690m2 Housing Type: Subdivided two green title houses. A single storey...

Three striking, modern units

Development Type: Triplex Lot Area: 911m2 Built on a 911m2 R30/40 block, the triplex features single level units, each with three bedrooms,...

Duplex in The Vines

Development Type: Duplex (Side by Side) Zoning: R20 Lot Area: 1023m2 Housing Type: Two single storey grouped dwellings Subdividable, 1,000sqm blocks are a rare and highly...

Triplex in Warwick

Development Type: Grouped Dwellings – Triplex Zoning: R20/ R40 Lot Area: 714m2 Housing Type: Three single storey grouped dwellings This...

Grouped housing in Coogee

Development Type: Grouped Dwellings Zoning: R30 Lot Area: 1368 m2 Housing Type: Four single-storey grouped dwellings Timing can be everything when it comes...

Duplex in Belmont

Development Type: Grouped Dwellings Zoning: R20/40 Lot Area: 797m2 Housing Type: Two single storey grouped dwellings (duplex) Some development sites are lucky enough to...
Kardinya Duplex Design by Summit Developments

Duplex development dream in Kardinya

Development Type: Grouped Dwellings – Duplex Zoning: R25 Block size: 747m2 Housing: Two single storey, 4×2 homes with theatre rooms...

Front Strata in Bayswater

Development Type: Front strata Zoning: R17.5 / 25 Lot Area: 300m2 Housing Type: 3 x 2 with under croft garage Download Working Drawings Corner...

Developments journal

Check out our helpful tips to guide you through your development journey.

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