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How to make matte black work in your home

Posted 9 April 2019

Simple, classy and it goes with everything. There is much to love about incorporating matte black into your home.

A safe hue that can really add architectural depth, matte black is becoming a popular choice to today’s modern abodes.

The Style Studio by Summit shares their expert tips on how to best use matte black in your home.

When implementing this look in your home, it is important to make sure you are thinking about the rest of the home’s look to create a good flow and to not overdo it.

There is so much you can do to add this look to a bathroom.

Tapware is a popular and obvious way to incorporate matte black. But in order for the look to work well, the theme must be followed throughout and it’s the little things that make this style work.

This means thinking about also bringing in matte black handles, mirrors, drains and shower frames. Matching is a must.

Matte black can completely transform a kitchen. Matte black pendant lights in a kitchen are particularly on-trend, and are a classy touch.

The use of striking, statement pendant lights has become a very popular addition to kitchens in the past couple of years. Another way to tie in the matte black look is via handles on cabinetry and splashbacks in the form of tiling.

There is a huge array of choice available in tiles these days at affordable options. These days installing your own tiles is easy and can really transform a kitchen.

However, when integrating matte black into a kitchen space be mindful that it is the main colour point.

It should take centre stage and not compete with several other colours in the area.

Avoid bringing heaps of other colours in, as you want the black to really pop and not lose impact. Simplicity is the focus.


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