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Tips and tricks when looking for a Granny Flat

Posted 29 October 2019

Granny flats are a great way to keep the family together, whether it be aging relatives or adult children.

The process of designing and building a granny flat is unique for everyone. How and what you build depends on the size, orientation and slope of your land, and local laws in your shire.

But by far the most important factor is your personal needs. It’s essential to know what you want from your granny flat and how it can best suit your family into the future.

Here we share some helpful tips to guide you through your granny flat experience.

Know what you want

Be clear what style you want and the functions your granny flat needs to serve. The best granny flat design combines style and function so space not only works, but makes its occupants happy - whether they be grandparents, teenagers or tenants.

When creating your wish list, consider energy efficiency, driveways, garages or carports, outdoor entertaining areas and disabled access. Keep in mind the distance that will separate the granny flat and the larger house on the block and how your design will maintain privacy while still ensuring easy access between the two residences.

Take a visit

A visit to a display centre will open your eyes to the myriad of options when it comes to granny flat design. Chances are, you’ll be surprised by how contemporary and spacious they can be.

To make the most of your visit, make an appointment first so a consultant can guide you through the display centre and answer any questions you may have about your build.

Clever interior design

Your granny flat may smaller than an ordinary house, but there are some innovative granny flat interior design tricks help maximise every square centimetre.

Extend the living area to your outdoor space through glass doors and in your kitchen, choose an island bench for more bench space and storage, and with the addition of stools it becomes a great spot for breakfast.

A well designed custom granny flat commonly features a combined bathroom and laundry. It’s a popular space-saver and if desired, you can conceal your washing machine and dryer behind a purpose-built compartment in the bathroom.

Choose a reputable builder

Be picky about which builder you appoint. Ensure they have experience building granny flats and can show you examples of their work.

A full service builder, one who can assist in the design phase and through the shire approvals process, is ideal. That way you are working with someone who knows your goals from the outset and you are more assured of a seamless transition between the planning and build steps.

In addition to working with local shire requirements, your builder may also need experience with limited site access, Water Corp sewer lines, earthworks, building codes, septic tanks and bushfire prone areas.

At Summit Granny Flats, you’ll work with an interior designer who’ll advise on clever interior features, resulting in a custom granny flat designed to maximise space and perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Ready to start your granny flat design dream? Call Drew on 0413 134 479.


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